Full-Body Instant Slim Shapewear
Full-Body Instant Slim Shapewear
Full-Body Instant Slim Shapewear

Full-Body Instant Slim Shapewear

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  • Instantly Hides Tummy Fats
  • Brings-out the Natural Sexy Shape of your Body
  • Reshape your Belly & Waist
  • Seamless - You can wear it under your dress or gown without noticing it
  • 100% High-quality Materials
  • Breathable Design makes it super Comfortable to use
  • Super-powerful slimming effect on tummy and belly
  • CARE LABEL: Hand Wash Only, Air Dry to Maintain Shape & Elasticity. Use mild detergent only.


What are the instant benefits of wearing shapewear?

Shapewear compresses, tightens belly, waist and buttocks area of the the body and instantly hides and holds flab. This is perfecr if you are going tight clothing like long gown.
Another benefit is that shapewear helps to correct body posture making you look more confident and sexy.
Will it give instant hour-glass figure?
Shapewear only follows the natural shape of your body, It doesn’t give instant hour-glass figure. However, confidence and sexiness comes-out naturally if your have correct posture and you know that your flab(bilbil) is not showing.

Size description:

Size is the natural size of clothing. It is a slimming garment with great elasticity, so you don't have to worry about its waist circumference or chest size. The size of it will be very large when it is stretched.

How to choose:

You only need to choose the size according to your weight.

Size list:                  
M:  weight 45-60 kg
L:   weight 60-70 kg
XL: weight 70-80 kg
XXL:weight 80-95 kg

How to wear: