The Original Pet Jet
The Original Pet Jet
The Original Pet Jet
The Original Pet Jet

The Original Pet Jet

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Changing the way you wash your horse 

Making it easier, faster, more effective and saving you money on shampoo! 


Make your life easier

Up to 2 times increased water pressure. Mud, poop, sweat you name it - it'll vanish!



Super easy to use

Simply attach to your everyday hose, undo the soap dispenser, fill it up with shampoo and let the magic happen. (There is a mode for water only).



Why buy from us? 

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. We know you’ll love your Pony Jet so we even offer a 60 day free refund policy. But we know you’re not going to need it. 





Q: Does it really get into the hair?

A: Yes! With up to 2 times more pressure than an average hose. There's no need to get on your hands and knees and scrub. Even with grey horses!


Q: How long does the shampoo inside last?

A: Up to 20 minutes whilst constantly on! The shampoo filters into the water on soap mode making it long-lasting and your saving on shampoo usage! On average 3 wash sessions.


Q: Can I use it for dogs or cars?

A: Yes! Works perfectly on all types of pets. 


Q: Does it work with any shampoo?

A: Yes, any type of shampoo. 


Q: I'm afraid to pay online, is it safe?

A: Yes, It's 100% safe. All payments on our site are processed by a third party authorised payment processor. They use the latest generation encryption protocols and safety measures.